“An artistic foundry where glass takes shape”

Vetroricerca is a studio that specialises in the creation of glass objects, designed for contemporary art, architecture and design.

With the input of artists, designers, architects, and researchers from all over the world, at Vetroricerca, artistic glass techniques are honed through a process of continuous experimentation, that leads to the creation of unique glass objects and artworks.

Vetroricerca works together with national and international institutions and foundations realising events and cultural events aimed at the promotion and advancement of the culture of glass.

Vetroricerca was founded in Bolzano in 1996 thanks to the willingness and desire of a group of people who were brought together by their great passion for glass and the necessity to deepen, experiment and spread their shared knowledge, and to create the opportunities and wisdom necessary to expand the mastery of this incredible material.

From 1997 to 2015 Vetroricerca was a vocational training centre accredited by the European Social Fund, specialising in the organisation and actualization of two-year programmes forming “experts in artistic glass-working techniques”. It has worked together with numerous, prestigious institutions and has coordinated Technical Higher Education Training courses in collaboration with Research Centres and prestigious Italian Universities.

Over the years Vetroricerca has proposed projects coordinated together with the Education Faculty of Bressanone (BZ) and other associations and educational bodies aimed at every school level, organised artistic and craft activities in the social sector, catering and conservation of cultural heritage sites, bequeathing the province of Bolzano with artworks and activities of the highest artistic and cultural value.

Since 2010 Vetroricerca has been the workshop responsible for creating glass prototypes for the Free Faculty of Art and Design of Bolzano with whom they have coordinated design projects presented in Europe and overseas.

From the time it was established Vetroricerca has been occupied with the production of glass artworks designed by Italian and foreign artists, which are now exhibited in important museums of contemporary art across the world.


Glass Art Design di Alessandro Cuccato

Telefono: +39 3493613279
Email: ale@vetroricerca.eu
Website: www.vetroricerca.it

Via Claudia Augusta Starsse 123 E - 39100 BZ - ITALY