“Una fucina artistica dove il vetro prende forma”


INTERVIEWS Diego Perrone by MUSSE Magazine

Diego Perrone “Self Portraits and Herbivorous Carnivorous” at Casey Kaplan, New York and Massimo De Carlo, Milan


Diego Perrone interviewed by Charlotte Laubard

CHARLOTTE LAUBARD: There was a small thing that happened years ago when we both lived in Turin that seems to me to say a lot about your relationship with the world. We went to the cinema to see a film. I don’t remember the film, but I remember very well that at the film’s emotional apex, when everyone had tears in their eyes, you started laughing uproariously. And the more hyperbolic the cinematography became in creating these emotions, the more you laughed. At that point the people sitting beside us got angry: they were furious because they had been torn from their voluntary suspension of disbelief, and we actually had to run out of the cinema. What is your relationship to belief?

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Self Portraits New York - Herbivorous Carnivorous Milano

Diego Perrone

Self Portraits , New York - Casey Kaplan Gallery, 12 gennaio – 18 febbraio
Herbvorous Carnivorous, Milano - Galleria Massimo De Carlo, 19 gennaio - 11 marzo

Debutto a New York e Milano per l’artista italiano Diego Perrone che presenta in due prestigiose gallerie d’arte tredici sculture in vetro realizzate a Bolzano presso i laboratori di Vetroricerca Bolzano (IT).

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